About the Summit

"Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership" - Leadership Guru, John Maxwell.

Leadership is a much studied and researched topic, and sometimes it can be confusing. J. Oswald Chambers' definition - "Leadership is influence", helps us demystify leadership. For Christians in the marketplace, this means influencing others using and demonstrating Christ like qualities.

The world view around us is changing rapidly. Secularism is being interpreted in many ways and people of faith are constantly challenged to keep their faith private. Under these circumstances, it is natural to ask - is there relevance to the term Christian Leadership? Can we really be successful while staying true to our faith and demonstrating Christian Leadership?

The India Leadership Summit 2017 is an attempt by the Center for Leadership of the South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS) to answer these and many related questions. We have chosen an array of successful businessmen, who have succeeded in the marketplace while staying true to their faith and demonstrated Biblical Leadership principles. They will share tips and practical advice on the topic, based on their own experiences and what they have seen in the marketplace. This is an opportunity for anyone interested in the topic "Christian Leadership in today's Secular Marketplace" - to network, to connect, to be challenged and to be equipped for this task.


Speakers - Globally Renowned Leaders

Promod Haque

Senior Managing Partner, Norwest Venture Partners

La Von Koerner

President & Chief Revenue Officer

Rajan Mathews

Director General, Cellular Operators Association of India

Sunil Robert Vuppula

Author & Life Coach

Cherian Thomas

Chief Executive Officer, World Vision

Madana Kumar

Anchor - VP Global Head, UST; Director - CFL, SAIACS

In depth Biblical Expositions by Reputed Theological Scholars

Dr Prabhu Singh

HOD - Department of Missions At SAIACS

Dr William Subash

Professor of New Testament at SAIACS

Dr Varughese John

RZIM Chair of Apologetics and Professor of Theology at SAIACS
Welcome to the Second India Leadership Summit!

"Back by popular demand, SAIACS is hosting another India Leadership Summit. Last year's summit was a high intensity, high impact weekend by leaders who have made it to the summit!

What can you expect? Keynote speakers who are highly successful where God has placed them. They're demonstrating what missional stewardship for God looks like in business and development. They will communicate lessons on Christian leadership in today’s secular marketplace. Expect to be challenged regarding integrity in business, optimism amidst trends and vision for missional generosity. Expect time to network with others, connect with additional resources and kingdom-minded friends. Expect to discuss applications and think through your next steps. Expect to walk away from this summit with a lasting commitment to a greater involvement in kingdom mission-minded initiatives and stewardship in India, for which God has uniquely gifted and called you.

Catch the excitement! Come to this Summit and be challenged, connected and committed!"

- Ian Payne, Principal, SAIACS

Venue Location

The SAIACS CEO Centre, Bangalore is a 3-star property, and is the preferred choice among business persons in and around the city for all their corporate meetings and conferences. The centre offers state-of-the-art business facilities to guests. SAIACS CEO Centre, Bangalore is recognized all over the city for its opulent set up and unparalleled services making it a premier convention, conference and professional training facility in Bangalore.

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